Online tickets closed…but set times are up!

Online ticket sales have now ended. Tickets available on the front gate.

SET TIMES ARE NOW UP!!! Click the link below to download the pdf.


Full line-up announced!

With a huge selection of Australian and the world’s best artists, across a wide variety of genres, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Location, location, location!

Manifest is proud to announce we’ve found a new home in the the lush and beautiful surrounds of Cherrabah Resort in South-East Queensland

  • Manifest Mural In Progress
  • Manifest Stage Nightime
  • Manifest Your Destiny
  • Manifest Lubdub Performing
  • Manifest Markets Daytime
  • Manifest String Art
  • Manifest Lotek Performing
  • Manifest Live Band Performing
  • Manifest Desmond Cheese Performing
  • Manifest Groovers
  • Manifest Fire Act Performing
  • Manifest Camping
  • Manifest Crowd Shot

w/ Manifest

Manifest aims to provide real-life industry experience with training and internships to students studying in the fields of events, tourism, media, hospitality and other associated disciplines.

For The Future

“Announcing our ‘Re-Veg’ program
Setting goals higher than ever before to achieve sustainable event practices.

For every ticket purchased this year Manifest are donating a seedling to help fund the development of a Tranquility Garden to use in future years.

It is everyone’s responsibility to be conscious of the impact we have on the environment. We will be releasing more information on Manifest tree planting and land care workshops in April.

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